Saturday, October 31, 2015

Enroute to Minerva Reef Day 1

After spending 5 days anchored off Big Mamas in Tongatapo and picking up our crew, Bill and Anne from San Francisco, we headed off for New Zealand. The plan is to sail two days to Minerva Reef, a 3.5 mile wide atoll in the middle of nowhere, spend a day or so there and then head off to New Zealand when the weather looks right. Last nights run was pretty comfy,with small seas. We had winds on the nose for the first 8 hours but then they clocked to the east a bit and we started making good time. We should arrive at Minerva Reef early tomorrow morning.
We celebrated Halloween with Peanut M&Ms. I broke into my Skittles bags for night watch. This time they are in big large bags, instead of the individual small bag servings. This makes it hard for me to figure out the exact daily dosage to ward off the scurvy.


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