Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Beaches Aren’t All Shells

Me holding my new best friend, Wilson
The Tongan beaches and coast are actually a lot cleaner than a lot of places we’ve been. Certainly way cleaner than the Caribbean areas, where at times you can be overwhelmed by plastic. The pictures here are all taken on the same walk – Chris looking for shells, me looking for gold doubloons and flotsam and jetsam.
HaapaiIMG_2677 A little braided rope work
Chinese 15w-40 diesel oil container
This large chunk of stuff with a water bottle under it was true art. If I could get it to New York I bet Sotheby’s would auction it.
A not so friendly Portuguese Man-of-War
I thought I had it a gold mine when I found this Nike sneaker in great shape with a tennis ball stuffed it. I was pretty sure when I pulled the ball out I was going to find someone car keys or wallet. But it was just sand inside.
Here’s a trawler net float that says Made in Denmark on it. I was planning on getting it back to our friends on Tivoli to take back to Denmark with them.
HaapaiIMG_2675 Speaking of Denmark, on this 1/3 of a life ring you can just make out the name Maersk, the huge Danish shipping company.
HaapaiIMG_2664  I found this World War II (or maybe I) plastic army man hanging on this uninhabited island.
Then when we stopped at an island 12 miles to the west and I found his comrade hanging on the beach. That’s a Giant Clam full of coral debris stuck among the rocks.

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  1. That is amazing, that was the fender we lost in one of the Swedish lakes last summer!