Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Reputation Proceeds Us

OK, not really 'our' reputation --- Chris' reputation. As we got close to the Kuna Yala islands we had a number of boats on the radio nets telling us we were wanted. Turns out there is a boat, Amupi Mina, a smaller, steel hull schooner with Kevin and Julie onboard. Or as they like to refer to it, with Kevin, Julie and The Fetus onboard. Kevin is from Canada, Julie from East ,Germany and you,,,,, know where The Fetus is from. Julie is way fat in the prego kind of way. They plan to deliver the baby in the water, i.e. Caribbean, in the next week or two. They wanted to talk to Chris about some of the how-to's and see if she would be available if their Kuna mid-wife has to be in Panama City for the XMAS holidays. It was interesting watching Chris' 'bedside' manner. Open to whatever the mom-to-be wants, followed by an information session on what is the reality, what are the dangers and what she should be prepared for. I could see Julie's eyes opening up wide on some of the subjects and Kevin was busy taking notes and asking questions on his role - like how do you tie off the cord and deliver the placenta.
They're a nice couple and I'm sure the birth thing will be an experience that will be offer lots of story telling in the future. If the child is born on the boat, then it will be a citizen of the boat's registration. If it is born on Kuna land, then it will get Kuna and Panamanian citizenship -- at least that's the story we hear.
We wish them the best of luck and happy birthing.
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  1. Let me know how the birth goes. We are getting ready to return to the boat, 2 large boxes so far! We will be in Costa Rica till the end of Jan and then heading south to the canal. Not sure how long we will spend on this end..
    Merry Christmas to you and looking forward to seeing you again.
    Larry and Vicki