Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Night Watch Can Be Tougher Than the Dog Watch

amuriminaIMG_8413 Yep, we are pregnant. Julie, with her Mom.
amuriminaDSCN9081 You can’t say Chris (on right) doesn’t come prepared. Julie(center) and Kevin wanted to try a water birth, so Chris has her mask and snorkel ready.
amurimionaIMG_8446 Here’s the setup for the birthing room on the small island. Its night time and Julie’s Dad is standing watch.
amuriminaIMG_8458 After two days of labor, things were not progressing and this morning it was decided the best thing to do was to head to the small clinic in Nargana for a check up and to be nearer advanced medical care. Here’s Amuri Mina having a good early morning sail the 8 or so miles through the reefs to Nargana. We escorted them in on Jeorgia and Chris went with Julie and Kevin to the clinic where they admitted her. We left them in good hands and headed back up the coast, as we have to get Chris to the airport soon for a trip to California.  Last news, things were beginning to progress with the labor. Hopefully we’ll hear soon and everyone will get some sleep tonight.


  1. lots of greetings from Gemany from Sandra and Tom. Please send our best wishes to mother, father and son Atreos. We are happy to hear that everyone is well. PS: Roland, you looked pretty good as a night watch and future grandpa!

  2. Many, many greetings from Berlin. I am so glad to hear that you are well! Welcome dear Atreos! Lots of greetings to your wonderful parents and grandparents. I wish you all a wonderful time, your Sarah
    Greetings and congratulations from Heiko and Kian