Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry XMAS and Happy Holidays from Kuna Yala Land

Now that we have a little molasses slow Internet we wanted to wish our family and friends a happy holiday season. We are anchored next to the island above in Cocos Bandero Cays in the San Blas Islands, or Kuna Yala. Pretty darn remote place. We went into the main town here yesterday and bought 6 eggs and 6 Kuna breads for $2.10. The beer store was closed. The weather has been a bit on the windy side, making snorkeling a little tough. Complaining about the weather just doesn’t seem right, knowing what it must be like back in the Pacific Northwest. When the sun is out and the winds down, the underwater scenery is spectacular.
We are anchored next to the sailboat Amuri Mina. Julie, the German gal onboard is still real pregnant. I just dropped Chris off at their boat to do an exam. Looks like she may not be pregnant that much longer. We are just hoping that she will deliver before we have to leave. Hopefully all will go well – given the remoteness of the location.
We will be thinking of all of you over the holidays and when we take our daily snorkel in the 82 degree water.
Paul and Chris

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