Saturday, December 19, 2015


We sailed the 35 miles or so north of the Bay of Islands to Whangaroa Bay to catch up with our friends Martin and Lexi. Lexi got a 6 month job as a GP working for the New Zealand health services. Pretty interesting to hear about how the nationalized health system works and about the mix of Maori and Euro-descent patients she sees at the clinic.
The picture above is looking out at the narrow entrance to Whangaroa Bay (pronounced just as it is spelled, except the WH is more like an F) with the Pacific Ocean in the background.
The picture was taken from the top of Duke’s Nose, shown here from below on the trail up.
Both Chris and I want you to note carefully the warning on this sign to the Duke’s Nose: This track requires a high degree of fitness. See, we aren’t dead yet.
whangaroaIMG_3542Here’s Chris negotiating the rock wall with handy chain attached.

It turns out that the whole trek was a waste and a rip off. I only did it so I could get this great photo of Georgia at anchor among the cliffs. Georgia is anchored in this picture. Right behind that big rock center picture. Argh!
Oysters are big business in NZ. This is an oyster farm located just up river from where we were anchored in the town of Whangaroa.
whangaroaIMG_3625Martin and Lexi live in government supplied housing about 10 minutes from the harbor in Whagaroa. There’s a large vegetable garden behind their place that is there’s for the picking. Here’s Martin rescuing a marauding bird from the net over the strawberry patch. This should keep him busy till he gets a real job.

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