Sunday, December 20, 2015

Deciding on a New Flag

This is my vote for a new New Zealand flag – it might show my Seattle bias. It turns out the country is in a bit of an uproar over actually changing the New Zealand flag.
Can you guess which one is the New Zealand flag and which is the Australian flag? Apparently the Prime Minister of NZ has been placed in front of the wrong flag at international meetings too many times. Public polls seem to say that the overwhelming number of Kiwis don’t want to change the flag – so in response, the government setup a flag competition and vote. The initial vote was just completed. It was to choose a new flag to go up against the existing flag.
nz_voting_paper_image This is what the ballot looked like. You had to rank the new flags in order of your preference.
ref_1_5_options_paper_correct_2 This was an apparently confusing proposition, so NZ Elections simplified it for the voters with this example. I really can’t see having a bad imitation of a broccoli as my country’s flag.
This is the flag that won the initial round of voting, now it needs to go up against the real NZ flag. Just in case you aren’t up to speed on Kiwi iconogrphy the symbol is a silver fern, not a bird feather.
If it wins we can go from hearing in the pubs after a night of drinking God Save the Queen to God Save the Silver Fern.

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