Thursday, June 11, 2015

Skin Diving Fakarava

We are continuing our shark desensitivity training. The pass at south Fakarava is known for its collection of sharks. They cruise around in the current waiting for fish to get swept in with the current for their lunches. There’s stories of dangerous breeds of sharks like tigers and bulls being in the pass. We only saw the black-tip, white-tip and grey sharks that are not likely to mess with a human morsel. I still wonder about the possibility of a young-adult psychopath going nuts on a few tourists. Growing up in Florida I learned the shark rules ditty about when they feed: 10 to 3, can’t bite me. So I’m always careful when I see a shark looking at its watch.
fakaravaP6020214 The collection of other fish on the reefs that line the pass are pretty impressive. They range from the small, colorful, typical reef fish like these Masked Bannerfish… 
To this monstrous Napoleon fish (or Bumphead Wrasse). These guys get to be as long as 7 1/2 feet. Not sure how big this one is, but I know he weighs a lot.
Here’s the same napoleon fish with Chris in the background filming with her GoPro to help show the size. That’s one big fish. And he was curious about the snorkelers.
A Golden Trumpetfish hanging head down so no one will recognize him and he can snap up unwary passersby.
A big Grouper checking out the photographer.
A Moray eel suggesting that she owns this nest.
Blacktip shark coming to close to a snorkeler for a photo op.
A Pineapple Sea Cucumber grazing on the coral.
fakaravaP6040289 A version of a unicorn fish that doesn’t have the unicorn spike.
I finally got a decent picture of these odd unicorn fish – proving that Unicorns do exist. They always seem to be running away from me. You can see the unicorn horn sticking off its head. Not sure what they use the evolutionary tool for.
fakaravaP6030232 Some pretty corals too.
A starfish hanging onto some coral
This is taken passing the piers near the side of the inner pass with the in-coming current. Blue Damselfish showing off their colors.
fakaravaP6020179 Important advice: let sleeping sharks lie.


  1. Love the shark ditty. Guess they're looking at their watches while you're looking at yours. But like you said, you gotta keep an eye out for psychopathic rule-breakers. They're the worst.

  2. Love the corals close-up... and the sharks from a distance. Nice work.