Saturday, June 27, 2015

Playing Race Course Catch Up

We entered the Tahiti to Moorea Rendezvous rally put on by the Tahiti tourism bureau. There were something like 70 boats enrolled, most all had done the Pacific crossing this year. It was a rally, but with sails up it meant it was also a race. We had a bit of a late time leaving the docks in Papeete and showed up to the starting line about 5 minutes after our start. The early morning had started out with no wind but by the time we were at the start it was blowing 20-25kts. A nice beam reach almost all the way. We had John and Lisa onboard and managed to pass a bunch of boats to take second place in the 44ft and under category, coming in behind a J/120 Felicita..
  mooreaIMG_1272 Here’s the carved black pearl oyster shell we got as race hardware – ready for the trophy case. Even more important was the bottle of pineapple champagne that came with it.
AndyTurpin-681 We didn’t do so well racing in the outriggers, but we still managed to squeeze by our friends on Continuum.
mooreaDSC_0379 None of our hardy crew was willing to try the knife dance, even after a few rum drinks.

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