Monday, March 16, 2015

Marquesas Passage Day 10

Noon-to-noon run of 172 miles. Things were starting to look a little bleak last night when I saw that we were down to our last bag of Skittles for my night-watch snack. I knew that I had the stamina to could continue on without anymore, but it just wasn't going to be the same. Then Chris came up with the hidden backup baggie full of Skittles packages. So we can stay out here a lot longer. On Halloween I used to send my kids out with specific directions to go get me Skittles. We tend to do long night watches when it is just Chris and I and the conditions are not too bad. I do 6pm to 1am and she does 1am to 8am. This way we both get a nice long continuous chunk of time to try and get in some decent sleep. It works out well and we don't feel run down day after day. The daytime watches are a little less structured, with both of us getting some sleep time sometime during the day on most days.

We sailed with the genoa on the pole most of the night. It wasn't behaving that well and I didn't feel like going to the pointy end of the boat and messing with the pole in the dark, so at about 5am we moved it to the starboard side and its been sailing pretty well since.

It's about 1,122 miles till Fatu Hiva.

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  1. Hi Paul and Chris,

    We met Paul at Curaçao Marine when you and us left the boat in June. We are now in Panama City getting ready to sail towards the Galapagos and then on to Marquesas. Hope to see you somewhere and all the best!!!!

  2. I took a quick look at the locations of the typhoons raging in the Pacific. None of them appears to pose any danger to you, but it made me curious what you guys are doing to stay safe from severe weather. -Reid s/v Crystal Blue.