Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fatu Hiva

fatuhivaIMG_9927 Good Morning Fatu Hiva!
We made it into the Hanavave, otherwise known as the Bay of Virgins (more on the name later) just after sunset yesterday. We’d finally thrown in the towel and turned on the motor for the last 50 miles so we could add a knot of boat speed to the wind generated speed and get in before dark. We, unfortunately, were not greeted by beautiful, half-naked Polynesian girls swimming out to the boat. But we enjoyed a great sunset from the Marquesas.
As you can see this is a very small town… the population of the entire island is about 500 or so. Fatu Hiva is the most remote and unspoiled of the Marquesan Islands and Hanavave reportedly one of the most beautiful anchorages. It is definitely classic South Pacific. Right now, we’re enjoying being the only boat in the anchorage.
It is an interesting feeling of accomplishment to have traveled so far (3,000 miles) and be at sea so long (3 weeks), and arrive in a place as exotic looking as this but still end up 1,900 miles from the destination you were originally heading (Easter Island). We’re still working on our navigation skills.
More later.


  1. Congratulations to you both on a job well done, even if you did miss your mark by a few miles!

  2. Congratulations and well done! Looking for some fresh stuff now?

    m/v Hobo

  3. Nice going, makes sitting here at Villa Komomo on Great Camanoe with a G&T seem quite unchallenging.
    Do tell us more about the VIrgin's in Hanavava when you have a chance and maybe Chris could update us on the state of the Young Men?

  4. Congrats, you're where we planned to be, so we're actually more out of target, say 4000 miles, than you, so excellent navigation!

    We stay here in Grenada for some more years, we have got an opportunity to earn some well needed money here, and still be in the tropics.

    Hope to catch up to you eventually!

    Flemming & Hella
    S/Y Tinuviel

  5. Well done you two! You're clicking off some serious miles, very impressive. Just keep going west and try for Easter Island again.

    Honey Ryder is back in Antiqua for Classics Week, then back down to Trinidad for the H season. Next year, who knows.

    Glad to be following you again.

    Tom and Sabrina
    sv Honey Ryder

  6. congrats! enjoy the south pacific - with your love for diving and snorkeling, you will have a blast!

  7. Hey congratulations!.What a great trip. We were supposed to be right where you are right now but the tide came in and washed away our plans. May be we will see you there next year if you are still in FP. Enjoy your time there!