Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We’re Wimps

Ain’t she pretty? These brightly coloured ladies sell fruit and pose for tourist pictures in old town Cartegena. Just one of its many charms.
cartegenaIMG_6271 We checked out of Cartagena with our agent David. You are required to use an agent in any port in Colombia. This guy was easy to work with and had good English (if he is not around the Club Nautico docks at 10am, have the office call him). It is always smart to pick an agent with red shoes. Total cost was COP$200,000 or about US$92 for the week we stayed.
I ended up getting a nasty sore throat and cough (thanks, Andrew on Eye Candy). There was no wind out at the anchorage, it was the hot and steamy of a tacky detective novel. Like oppressively steamy. I finally broke down and re-invigorated the A/C units, started the genset, closed every port and laid back to enjoy an hour and half of A/C. What wimps we are.
We left Cartagena this morning for Panama.  The winds were too light to be able to make the San Blas islands at a good time of day and I was still feeling sick – I know wimp. So we stopped at an anchorage on Isla Grande in the Rosario islands for the night. Chris bought a big crab off a local panga that followed us in. It’ll be off to the San Blas in the morning. This will probably be the last Internet we’ll have for awhile.
cartegenaIMG_6270 The beach area outside the old city walls is called Boca Grande. Sometimes known as Little Miami. We really enjoyed the old town of Cartagena. Not sure I’d come back in November though – too still and hot!

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