Monday, November 3, 2014

The Last Underwater Photos

We were snorkeling one of our favorite spots and spotted this green turtle in about 20 feet of water. She was under these corals and busily scratching her back. First on one side and then on the other. Its important for a girl to keep her shell clean.
On the way up from taking this picture I looked in the view screen of my camera and at first I thought I saw the horizon. Then I realized that the case was half full of water. Another ruined camera. I’d like to do a big DisLike for Ikelite brand cases. This is the second time I’ve had this expensive case fail and ruin a camera.
bonaireIMG_6024    This is what the insides of the Nikon camera look like after they have been fried by salt water.
A school of blue tangs painting the underwater sea blue.
A well disguised scorpion fish sitting on the rocks in shallow water- don’t step on me.
An octopus way back in its cave keeping an eye on the collection of shells by the opening of his lair.
Another underwater cruiser, a busy little trunkfish.
Goat spotting. A couple of goats cruising along the low cliff where we were snorkeling.
A spotted moray eel out and about with a couple of damsel fish friends nearby.
A little more UW color.
A small parrotfish slowing down for a picture with a couple of small, juvenile yellow wrasses hanging close.
This is the biggest rainbow parrotfish I’ve seen, probably a fully grown male, 3-4 feet. It was a little shy about picture taking and headed into the shallow water to make the studio shot tougher.

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