Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sailing with Foreigners

I was reading an e-mail that Chris sent to one of her friends recently and figured it just seemed somewhat appropriate for April 1st. Here’s a long snippet.
…We've been in the eastern Caribbean, the Windward Islands, for awhile now, getting further and further away from the N. American crowd, and I've got to tell you, being among the Euros is such a trip! Paul of course is thrilled by the fact that none of the women wear tops. The highlight of the Iles de Saintes, for Paul, was the topless snorkeler. But, they don’t even wear tops while they’re sailing. We towed this young German couple’s boat a few miles the other day and the girl was topless the entire time. You know it's one thing to sunbathe with the girls hanging out there (be careful not to burn the nips!) but all together another to be working the winches! Ouch. The other day a young woman (w/two small children) who was on a French boat anchored near us (the French like to come into an anchorage, even one with plenty of room and see just how close they can anchor to the other boats) was walking around on the boat in her birthday suit. Paul is watching her, of course, and she bends over and just totally browns him out. He almost fell off the boat… ewwww. Saw another couple last night anchoring in the nude – completely starkers... explain that one to me. The German ‘'boys’ like to walk around their boats in their birthday suits all the time, especially the big boys.TMI! But I mean really, guys, do you  want those dangly things any where near the windlass??
Ok, I know I come off sounding like an American prude, but as a health care provider I think it’s my responsibility to point out the hazards involved when you sail without your safety gear… Just a public health announcement.


  1. Yep. After 2 days, the German dude near us finally put on a small swimsuit. This is in crowded Falmouth Harbor, not some quite little anchorage.

  2. I haven't looked at your blog in months - glad I picked today to check back in.
    Chris, thank you for your public service; Paul, get those eyeballs back in their sockets

  3. I haven't looked at your blog in months. Glad I chose today to check back in.
    Chris: Thanks for your public service
    Paul: Get yer eyeballs back in their sockets!

  4. Guess Dennis will enjoy more than the sailing in the Carib! Love to read what you are up to...and always get a laugh.

  5. Steve is begging to follow your tracks. Not that you want them far from your boat but when French boats get too close just play country music real loud, they pull anchor and leave. Rap music does the job also. Miss you guys, SABEN