Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maine Food

Local lobstermen, on Decadence, picking up one of their 800 licensed lobster pots
A Maine lobsterman gets a license for 800 pots. With the license they get a plastic tag that must be attached to each pot they have down. There is reportedly 3,000,000 pots in the waters around Maine.
penobscotIMG_2771 The pot floats are everywhere – in 20 feet of water and in 350 feet. Driving the boat is more like being on a slow slalom course. If you screw up, then you could get the pot rope wrapped on your propeller or rudder and have to dive on the boat to clear it.
Our special chef, Denny, proprietor and head chef of Denny’s Food for Men restaurant, flown in from Tacoma, preparing our first lobster feast
Becky and Chris, ready to eat. Note the blue and yellow lobster claw channel locks.
We don’t do food blogs often. But every once in awhile I have to do one for Steve and Lulu on Simepre Sabado.

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  1. I'll take one those Denny-prepared lobsters! Miss you guys.