Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lobster Pot Floats

One of the nice things about cruising Maine is that they offer you a wide variety of colorful lobster pot floats to run over. There is one of any primary color combination you’d like. Getting the pots wrapped around your propeller shaft is a bad thing. You’d think that sailing, instead of motoring, while traveling through these mine fields would get you by unscathed.
stoningtonDSC_0198 But no, here I am diving to cut off the float remnants off the shaft. We picked up two different pots sailing through Penobscot Bay – so far. The stuff on the right is what got cut off. Water temp was 62*F.
camdenIMG_2828 The weather has been pretty good up here in Penobscot Bay. We have caught both days of their summer. Or, as they say up here, If summer comes on a Sunday, they have a picnic.
After clearing the prop, we went into the fishing village of Stonington. Had a good visit at the Stonington Granite Museum– surprisingly interesting. These islands are made out of the tops of old mountains, solid granite. Then, after educating ourselves, we found ‘the’ open restaurant where we could get a beer on the patio.
Fortunately we didn’t stay for another beer, because when we got back to the dinghy dock we found the granite seawall trying to shred and/or sink Kokomo’s dinghy.

Sign at a local restaurant…You figure it out???? It must be a Maine thing. After ten, smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

The next morning we picked up anchor at Stonington to head to Mount Desert Island (pronounced dessert- it’s a French thing), which is part of Acadia National Park. At first, we just went around in circles, as we’d snagged some steel cable that was laying in wait on the bottom. A 20 minute extraction and we were off.
There are ‘windjammers’ all over the bay. These guys sail the heck out of these boats – gotta keep the customers happy. They sail through passes that we are nervous to motor through.
We anchored on the west side of Mount Desert Island. We saw a lobster boat picking up pots near by and took the dinghy over for some negotiations. Five lobster for $20.
And this always makes Becky happy. John and Lisa were pretty pleased too.
I don’t think the osprey do lobster. But they’re always out here fishing.


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  1. Lobster pot hell! Now, if there was a pot full of lobster at the end of that rainbow...