Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thanks you Ohana.

Now is this really a cool way to enter a marine park and reserve? A 157 foot mega-yacht comes into one of the nicest anchorages in the Exuma Land and Sea Park (Cambridge Cay) and takes a mooring (that is is limited to boats under 150ft) – then proceeds to setup an entire water amusement park with water slides and dumps a string of Jet skis out from the aft garage. What inconsiderate idiots. Now I’m not prejudiced against motor yachts – heck, some of my best cruising friends drive trawlers. Give me a break MV Ohana, there are tons of anchorages outside the park to setup Disneyland Bahamas. I guess the good news is you just can’t fit in a full blown cruise ship here.
If you’d like to charter the Ohana for a week, here’s the link or perhaps find a more considerate boat to charter.

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  1. Cleopatra's Barge? Where's Marc?
    Anon Y Mouse