Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Got the Laundromat Blues

I got the all night laundry mat blues
Washing everything I own except my shoes

If you wear clothes, you got to pay the dues.
Joe Walsh
blackpointeDSCN0240 I’m in picturesque Black Pointe. The towns is a working Bahamian town – fishing, farming, trades. No mega-yachts. One of the highlights is the Laundromat. It has its own dinghy dock (pic above).
blackpointeDSCN0279 Here’s the view while you are popping in the tokens to dry your load. How many places can you go where the Laundromat supplies its own dinghy dock --- heaven.
cambridgeDSCN0254 cambridgeDSCN0276 A little fish art
The Sergeant Major patrolling his turf
I’m really glad that she is a friendly shark

Chris is still back in San Diego helping out her parents with health issues. She should be back onboard to light up the cabin mid-next week.

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  1. wondered where you guys got off to. Sounds like you are enjoying the Caribbean. We are in Roatan, Bay Islands headed to the Rio Dulce for the hurricane season. Nice blog.

    Christie & John
    S/v Indian Summer