Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rebuilding a Sparcraft Boom Vang

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A few pics for anyone who needs to rebuild their Sparcraft vang. The replacement gas shocks are available from Sparcraft. I got mine from for a reasonable price and quick service.
sparIMG_1801 First step after taking the vang off the boom was to drill out the rivets at the mast end of the vang. On my vang the mast end was riveted and the boom end was screwed. This is apparently somewhat random on these vangs and you may have all rivets or all screws.
sparIMG_1802 Pulled the mast end fitting off. The gas shocks are just held in by pins that easily push out.
sparIMG_1803 Boom end unscrewed with the plastic cap slide up. This is the upper end of the gas shocks showing. They are also pinned in at this end like the lower end is.
sparIMG_1811 The new shocks upper and the old ones lower.
sparIMG_1809 Just in case you want to try and source the gas shocks without going through Sparcraft, here’s the part numbers (click to biggerate).
The vang put back together and now the shocks actually hold up the boom. The repair is quick and pretty easy. The longest time was spent drilling and tapping the lower end piece where the rivets were drilled out. I used machine screws instead of rivets to put it back together.


  1. Nice write-up - thanks! I too have to replace the struts - now I know how!


  2. Your explanation and picures made it easy for me to do the same repair. Thanks!
    Marti Rijken, sy Arcadia, The Netherlands

  3. Thank you so much, helps me also.
    Robert, SY Pura Vida, Austria

  4. I realise this post has been stagnant for a year now but I am doing the same repair and am having trouble finding a source for the gas shocks. It seems American Rigging Supply phone has been disconnected and the part number on the shocks has not helped either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  5. Rig Rite has them in stock.

  6. thank you so much you arevhelp me. siling boat Matamua