Thursday, January 10, 2013

Palm Beach

We made the two day run from St Augustine to Palm Beach, FL. We left St Augustine on an ebb tide. The entrance was really rock and roll and a little on the white knuckle side. You have 4 or 5 small markers that weave between the breaking seas on the banks on either side of you for a mile or so. By the time we were outside it was Stugeron time. This is my anti-seasick standby. It really works well for me and I always used to say that it had no side effects. I’m changing on that one. I end up with really sharp and in focus dreams that seem to have a plausible story line. As opposed to my normal psychotic dreamspace.
The trip down was about 60% sailing, with one night of motoring. We did listen to a somewhat bizarre Coast Guard rescue unfold over about 6 hours. The cruising 42 ft boat Gaia (Delaware) offshore of Cape Canaveral with 1 person onboard apparently made contact with the  CG indicating that they thought they might be having a heart attack – chest pain and tingle in the left arm. The CG called over the VHF radio for any vessels in the vicinity to assist. After about 3 hours or so a CG helicopter and a rescue boat arrived on scene. They board the boat and found no one onboard. This started a large search pattern, something like 20 x 40 miles, for the helo and the rescue boats. As of today, no one has been located.
We are anchored just south of the Lake Worth entrance in Palm Beach. Lots of high, high end homes on the waterways here. The water temp is 78*F – yea. Getting close to letting me get in. We plan to be here a couple of days and try and hook up with my Aunt and Uncle before heading down to Ft Lauderdale.

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