Monday, June 11, 2012

Save Money, Do-It-Yourself Boat Repair

Whenever practical I always try to do my own work on the boat. I learn something each time and I know where things are when it breaks and I need to fix it in some remote location. Sometimes I know it requires more expertise than I have. Then I’m willing to get someone in to help as long as I can watch and learn.

Sometimes DIY doesn’t save a lot. This moron apparently sent his cushions out for new upholstery. When he got them back he re-installed them with dry-wall screws.
Completely irrelevant, but couldn’t resist…
We’re making good time up the ICW, heading toward Annapolis and enjoying the scenery. Will be doing the Dismal Swamp Canal tomorrow.


  1. You made my morning with this picture. Thanks for the post.

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