Saturday, June 23, 2012

New boat delivery

Well we did it. We bought a new, to us, boat. It’s a 2003 Outbound 44. Her prior name was ‘Ginger’. Her new name is ‘Georgia’. Turns out we misspelled Jeorgia on our J/37. Seems like a distinct lack of imagination, but lots of folks know us as Jeorgia, so we decided to keep the name something way close. Also, I couldn’t resist the comments from the S. Carolina bridge tenders. You go under one of the opening bridges there and they always ask for the boat name and home port. We tell them Jeorgia and Seattle. The response is something drawled out like “Georgiaaa, what’s a boat from Sea- At- hell doin’ with name like dhat?’
Here’s Chris signing away for the new home.
We really like Jeorgia. Great sailor and actually a fun boat to cruise. Since this is our full time home, we just wanted more space and more storage. The Outbound (new Georgia) has a ton of storage. It has great galley layout. Even more important it has a man-cave. The port side locker is dedicated machine room/workshop. I can hide back there and Chris isn’t even allowed to come in. What a treat it was to take a frozen shackle back there and break it loose on the mounted vice.

Sign on man-cave
We bought the boat from a couple who has had it up in Cape Breton for the last few years. If you don’t know where Cape Breton is, join the club. It is very near the frozen north of Canada. They call it the Canadian Maritimes. It is just above Nova Scotia, with the biggest nearby city being Halifax, a mere 4 ½ hours drive. Nova Scotia is way east, located almost directly above Bermuda. The boat was at the Cape Breton Boat Yard. Nice folks. The owner, Henry, was very helpful. He sees almost all the high latitude cruisers who are headed to New Foundland or Greenland as they come through his marina.
One day when I’m feeling particularly cynical I think I’ll write a blog on boat buying. There was a listing broker for the Outbound plus we had our friend Torben off of Tivoli on our side (Torben Bensten Passage Yachts San Francisco, Torben and Judy flew up to Halifax and drove us to Baddeck, Cape Breton for the sea trial. It was great to get back together with them.
Right now we are doing the delivery back to Virginia. The goal is cross to Cape Cod from Nova Scotia. Then head through the Cape Cod Canal to Rhode Island. Work our way down Long Island and sail past the Statue of Liberty. Then beeline down the NJ and Delaware Coasts to the entrance to the Chesapeake. We need to get the Outbound down near Jeorgia so we can unload our cruising gear from Jeorgia. Then we’ll do some cosmetics and get her on the market. Know anyone who wants clean J/37 with a brand new Yanmar engine?
We are back in whale and sea lion country. We think this is a humpback who came to visit us on the passage from Baddeck to Halifax. It is also cold and wet – first day of summer or not.


  1. Congrats! The couple we met on Alaeris love their Outbound and I think I told you they were faster than anyone else in our group on the way to the Marquesas. So I'm guessing you will enjoy yours too.

    Virginia and Dennis

  2. Congratulations!

    I'm very glad to find some owners sharing their experiences on Outbounds. I've been looking at going to a larger bluewater s/v, and the forms have been pointing to the Outbound as a very capible cruiser.

    Wish you the best, and Godspeed.

    Jim, Kirkland, WA

  3. Very cool!!!!
    Now the Mrs. will be much happier.
    I think we may need to get over to wherever you are to do some sort of safety inspection. Soon.

  4. Ok... Admiral. Now you have a fleet. Congrats, hope "Jojaah" sells fast!
    Happy trails, Buckaroos!

    Anon A. Mouse

  5. Congratulation!! Can't wait to see it!

    Denny & Becky

  6. Congratulations!!! I'm envious... When's the "boat warming" party??

  7. Space and comfort are two of the most important traits a boat should have. Great thing Jeorgia (the misspelled Georgia) has both! And as you said, it can easily be maneuvered, so I'm sure you'll go a long way travelling and going on your adventures. Such boats are blessings. :)