Saturday, December 3, 2011

Canal Live Camera

We’re scheduled to head through the Canal in the morning, Sunday Dec. 4. Here is a link to the live camera feeds. We are currently scheduled for the Mira Flores Locks at about 10:30am. I will try and put an update up here once I get one.
Mira Flores Locks Webcam
You will most likely see a large ship enter the lock, then perhaps a tug enter and then a small dot enter. We will be the small dot.
If you do see us come through, please try and save a picture and e-mail it to us:
To get a picture, bring up the image in a browser, then use the control-Print-Screen to capture the image. To save it, open an image processing app like Paint, create a new image and Paste the image in, and Save to a file.

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