Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little joy in Mudville

“Men and Ships rot in port”

Got the head on, engine running smoothly, no leaks in the many water lines that needed to be resealed. Now the bad news. Looks like my fuel pump is – well as my Aussie neighbors on Storm Bay might say – it is all buggered up.


I’ve got a new one on order from the states. Not expensive, but a pain to get here.


If you have a Volvo-Penta 2002 or 2003 model with freshwater cooling, here’s the best improvement I’ve made on this engine. The little stainless clamp in the picture above is a custom replacement for the silly triangle piece that was a royal pain to use to get the heat exchange piping to not leak.

Off for more extensive rotting in port.



  1. Hey Paul and Chris

    the head looks good, sorry the pump is bad. Cold up here is Edmonds. Having a new roof installed next week. Do you have Gregs Ph # Things look good for you though.



  2. Well, crap-o-rama. OTOH, I know just how you feel. At least we're not in Edmonds putting n a new roof, eh?

    -another Steve