Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back from the darks of Africa

Chris made it back from her work in Malawi and Tanzania. Here she is in the La Paz airport acting her best Santa Claus role delivering sweet packages for Jeorgia and her Volvo engine.

IMG_6663She was lucky and pressed the button in customs that came up with the green light. This means you just get a few questions that answer as naively as possible. Get the red light and they take all your luggage a part and start charging you for all the goodies you brought in. 

We spent a few days getting oriented, making a new sausage bag for the stay sail (with some expert mentoring from Chris on the Aussie boat Storm Bay) and installing the new fuel pump and thermostat. We are off tomorrow to start working back over to the mainland of Mexico.  We’ll see how together we are in the morning and what the weather is like before making a hard plan. We’ll probably spend a few days at Isla Espritu Santo and then do the two day crossing to Isla Isabela. Our current, cast in Jello, plans are to work our way down the mainland coast of Mexico, then jump to El Salvador. After that we will escape hurricane season and sail to Ecuador to sit out summer hurricanes and hot weather.

Next post will be the photo animal  ménage that Chris was able to snap on her crossings of the Serengeti on her way to the various schools she had to visit.


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