Wednesday, July 28, 2010

There's Goats on the Roof

Sandra was clearly rooting for number 440 with her wolf whistles at  he warm up forthe Bath Tub races. Not being a local, I put my money on 440 too. The start was right in Nanaimo Harbor and it was already blowing hard. Note the big blue and yellow Bath Tub on right is the official start line committee. 
It was so rough when the Tubs got into the Strait  of Georgia that at least half dropped out or had to be rescued by their chase boat. 440 didn't win, so I lost interest fast. Here's the first place winner approaching the beach. These guys have to hit the beach, then run up the beach 50 yards and ring a bell. Their legs are so beat up from the trip that lots of them jump out of the tub and do a face plant.

Next we were off to Coombs. The big attraction in Coombs is the country store with goats on the roof. Leave it to the  Canadians to develop a ploy like this to make you a successful entrepreneur! 
Note the goat on the right eating ice cream.        
Goats trimming the store roof.

Next day we sailed off toward Tribune Bay on Hornby Is. It got late and it looked lke it would be blowing stright down into the achorage there so we headed into False Bay on Laqueti Is. Lasqueti is known for its hippy, back to the earth,counter culture and export/import businesses. We're real estate shopping now...
Mural on the Lasqueti pier.
B.C. couldn't be better than on this trip-- we've had bright sunshine, blue skies, golden grasses on the hillsides and warm breezes since we arrived and we've appreciated every day of it. Add to that the good friends and million beautiful anchorages here and we begins to wonder why we would ever head south.
Oh, Canada!
Chris & Paul

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