Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Port Townsnend, the economy still sux

48*06.7N, 122*45.3W  Water temperature is 50*F.
The water in PT is 4 degrees colder than it was when we left Edmonds. I guess we aren't in the tropcs yet.

We took the dink in for a walk around PT. Passed by the locals' bar we used to grab a beer at when we are in town and there was an eviction notice from sheriff on the door.

Here's the schedule for the Water Street Brewery. Maybe the busniess hours contributed to the demise.

We walked down to Point Hudson harbor and saw they had torn down the breakfast joint there.Bad economy or not, PT is a cool town with a lot of local flavor and wooden boat history. The new Northwest Maritime center is really nice. PT is worth the drive up if you are ever in Pacific Northwet


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  1. I'm really happy for you 2 and your great adventure. The pics are good. I've been out twice with George and getting the hang of his "captain style". Perfect weather (wind, temp., sky) Wednesday night. Look forward to keeping up with you.