Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pueto Villamil, Isabel, Galapagos

We did an 85 mile overnight sail to the island Isabel. We sailed past Puerto Ayoro, Santa Cruz in the night. This was one of the 3 ports we could stop at under our Autografo. We decided to give it pass as we heard that the harbor is really crowded and a pain to anchor in and the town is very touristy. Darwin passed Santa Cruz by when he was here in 1835 -- probably for the same reasons. It was pretty cool sailing past doing 7kts in flat seas with the loom of the Puerto Ayoro lights in the distance and reading Darwin's book 'The Voyage of the Beagle' on my Kindle. Á nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day with my luv.

Arrived in Puerto Villamil about 8am local time. Got a concerned call on the radio from the Port Captain in too fast Spanish for me. I think he was upset that I didn't call him before coming in. We just a got very quick visit from the Armada and our agent, JC. We are now clear to head to shore.


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