Sunday, February 1, 2015

Galaagos Passage Day 2

We had a great run the first 24 hours out of Panama. The noon-to-noon run was about 182 miles. In light to medium north winds. The winds held out till about 4pm, then it went dead. We motored through the night in zero wind and flat seas. At about 5am the winds picked back up out of the north and we are back to a nice downwind sail.
Right now we are passing about 12 miles off of Isla Mapelo. This is a big rock that juts out of the water about 150 feet and is 200 miles off the Colombian coast. It is apparently manned by a Colombian armada contingent. It is interesting that it is actually about 2 miles NW of the charted position on my electronic charts. Sea birds from the island have come out to check us out. Not sure what they are, sleek white bodies with black wings (storm petrels?)
I expected the winds to come up out of the S or SE after we had nothing overnight, but the wind gods decided to have them come out of the N. So we'll see how the sailing goes today.
We are 483 miles north of the equator.

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  1. Will be watching this passage. Interesting your checking out of Panama and the fumigation cert. needed.