Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exumas 1

I got my eye on you! A hungry Lorikeet eye.

exumaIMG_1990 We left Nassau and did a motor sail into 15kts of SE wind to Allen Cay in the Exumas. The sail is about 29 miles. About half-way you pass over the Yellow Bank (Chris observed that it’s so named because it makes you want to pee your pants). This is a slightly shallower area that is dotted with coral heads. They are spaced out enough that was dumb luck you’d miss them all. This is me hanging in the rigging looking for coral heads to work around.
They are pretty conspicuous, looking like an oblong oil slick maybe 15 or 20 feet long and much darker than the surrounding water.
When you get to the other end in Allen's Cay the treat is the greeters on the beach. Here are the indigenous iguanas trying to chase Chris off the beach.

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