Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zero tolerance for ‘dem bugs

Ever since I visited our friends on Storm Bay while in La Paz, we’ve had critters onboard. There was one cockroach that they scared off their boat and onto Jeorgia. Now the folks on Storm Bay are nice people, but I haven’t forgiven them for this lapse in Australian etiquette.  That single critter has somehow through the mystery of the virgin birth created numerous generations of little critters that seem more than happy to live in what I try to make as hostile an environment as possible. I’ve now taken the Zero Tolerance approach. No critter shows its face in this boat without an immediate and overwhelming attack. Colin Powell would be proud. We’ve tried the cruisers stand-by of boric acid – boric acid in powder, boric acid tablets, boric acid in smoke bombs. It seems to slow the guys down a little, allowing me to get a full shot with my fly swatter. The real armament is the green can of Baygon. You hit ‘em with a quick mist, there’s an instance speed up of the legs and then they leap in the air, land on their back, wiggle for a moment and it is all over – nothing but some sweep up in the morning.
I’m planning on mailing to Storm Bay the critter above who has been stuck behind the glass on my screen for days.  Even Baygon sprays don’t get to him.
Can you tell that life in Panama as a  bachelor gets a little self-centered and boring at times?

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