Saturday, August 6, 2011

A tribute to a good old girl

Sydney was a great dog and had a great life herding the family. Thanks JoAnn for taking good care of her in her senior years and giving her one last important job – watching you.
Paul & Chris


  1. Awww she was a sweetheart. Good dog.

    Aunty Liz

  2. Yes, Sydney had her paws full w/ Mom. But since Sydney was such a bright dog, it didn't take her long to get Mom whipped into shape. The house is pretty empty without her!
    But Mom has taken on a new "project"----Paris (Terri F's dog). They are working into a "shared custody" arrangement since Terri is going back to being a working girl again. All in all, it's very hard for any dog to fill Sydney's paw prints, but Paris is doing her best to keep Mom on the straight-and-narrow that Sydney laid out for her.