Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Blue Lagoon

We are anchored in the famous Blue Lagoon in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji. This is where the 1949 remake of The Blue Lagoon with Jean Simmons (and some guy) was made as a racy remake of the 1921 version. And most important it was filmed in Technicolor.
The 1980 remake with Brooke Shields (and some guy) added a lot more skin, a lot less guessing and not much acting to the story.
Creature from the Black Lagoon
None of these movies should be confused with the real drama and acting that is offered up in the 1954 Creature from the Black Lagoon.
The water in the Lagoon just isn’t that blue right now. So I photo-shopped in the blue above just to make the tourist board feel comfortable.
Here’s Chris off on an early morning low-tide shell hunt. The winds are blowing hard up here, but we are close enough to shore that the coconut palms block the worst of it.
There’s enough shallow water and land around that the water is not crystal clear, but the snorkeling is still fun with lots of little fishies.
A curious little yellow box fish.
These anemone fish are very protective of their homestead and are more than happy to confront the camera.
A Giant Clam shell left open under water. It is about a foot square.
Underwater shell hunting. Chris has a dead cone shell here in her hand. You have to be careful with the cones as they have poisonous harpoons. We do practice catch-and-release for the live shells we find.
The other poisonous thing around here is this banded sea snake. Their poison is deadly, but their mouths are so small its really hard to get bitten. This one was swimming past the dinghy as we looked for places to snorkel.
There aren’t forests of good coral around here, but these blue-tipped corals are really impressive underwater.
I know it sounds bit kinky and maybe X-rated, but for entertainment Chris made me dress up as Brooke Shields.

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