Thursday, May 25, 2017

En Zed to Fiji

21* 14S 176* 48E 325*T 7.0

Spoke a little too soon about when we might be getting in. The winds decided to take a turn to directly out of the north -- the direction we need to go. Guess we should have put in more easterly earlier in the trip when we could. Now we are stuck tacking toward Fiji about 200 miles out. Maybe late on Sunday we'll make it in. The conditions are pretty mellow now with small seas and 14kts of wind. Hot, humid and overcast. Haven't checked the water temperature yet, but I bet it is legal for snorkeling.

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  1. Ah yes... the struggle making the dreaded Easterly. We were close reaching all the way to Kandavu before we could crack-off and boat speed jumped to 10 kts beam reaching in 2 meter seas.... filling the cockpit