Saturday, December 24, 2016

Season’s Greetings

I was going to title this Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, but being in the middle of summer here in New Zealand while most of our reader[s] are in the depths of the upper hemisphere winter makes Season Greetings fit so much better.
The picture above is what the fireplace on Georgia would look like if it was cold and if we had a fireplace. I borrowed the image from our friends Connie and Tony on Sage. They are currently in the South Atlantic on the island of St. Helena. I will return the image when we are done with it.
I’m not going to write about 2016 or make any comments at all about the political state of the grand ole U.S. of A. Since D.J.T. is not president yet, nothing he’s done or said really makes any difference. So why get the angst up over something that will surely change over time. I will wait in wonder till he and his lovely family take up residence in the newly renamed Whites-Only House in D.C. I am looking forward to his replacement for my Obamacare health insurance policy – the one that will be much better and save me lots of money. I’m figuring on donating all that money we save on our really great new insurance to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.
Look what we found under our tree! (Xmas comes a day earlier down here.)
Chris and I wish all our friends and family a great holiday, a healthy New Year and a fighting chance of trying to maintain Peace on Earth.
Paul and Chris

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  1. Okay you've had my fire for over a month. I want it back!