Monday, November 21, 2016

2016-2017 World Apology Tour

I’m a news junky. While up in Bellingham I had an unlimited, very large Web connection pipe. Fast enough that if I had stayed just a few more weeks I would have been done with all of Netflix. With all that I was getting a little overwhelmed with too much news of the repugnant election. So I was looking forward to getting away from all that and working on getting the boat ready to restart cruising. I ‘m calling this year’s cruise the 2016-2017 World Apology Tour. Not sure if we should sell t-shirts yet.
When I arrived at the boat from the airport and the ladder that was there when I left was missing. I wandered over to the yard office and the crew was on a tea break. Karl and Shane gave me hardy Kiwi welcome back, then the first comment was So how’s Mr. Trump. Guess you can’t get away from it.
The pic above shows coat #1 of the blue bottom paint. Two more to go.

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