Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The New Zealand Flag Vote

The Kiwis voted on their choice for a new flag. Turns out those that voted wanted to keep the old flag by 56% to 43%, most wondering why the government spent so much on the elections. The new flag was heavily pushed by the Prime Minister John Key. He’s been in office since 2008. The loss on flag vote probbaly doesn’t mean a lot for him as he’s pretty well liked and has a teflon coating.
The winner
The loser

Here’s an alternative that I thought would have had a decent chance if they put it on the ballot. Every Kiwi we meet eventually brings up the topic of the current American presidential primay election… it’s a source of endless fascination.

The Kiwi’s do not have a monoply on fern leaf designs. This is the recycle flag for Ferndale, Washington, just north of Bellingham.

We’re now back on the boat in Whangarei after a two-week land tour of the South Island with friends Diane and Ken. Back to the boat projects list.

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