Thursday, September 24, 2015

It’s Overcast -- Again

Our dinghy, completely filled with rainwater after an all night downpour- note the floating gas tank and bailer.
We’ve been watching the BBC 6-part series called ‘Wild Pacific’ that covers the land, sea and life of the Pacific islands. It’s really well done, including a nice ukulele theme song of ‘Over the Rainbow’. As always in these types of documentaries you pick up some odd and interesting facts. For instance, the sooty terns that we see flying around here go to sea for up to four years without touching ground.
After watching all 6 episodes I’m a little unsure of how much to trust the producers. There is not a single overcast day in all 6 episodes. We’ve been in the south Pacific nearly all this year and trust me there have been lots of overcast days – more overcast than sunny. The other night we had a hard tropical rain here in Nieafu, Tonga, that didn’t stop for 16 hours. Check out how much water is in the dinghy in the pic above. Not sure if this is the side-effect of it being an El Nino year or not, but the number of sunny days we’ve had since we were in Bora Bora is pretty low. Oh well, a tough time in a tropical paradise.


  1. I'll bet you were listening to the amazing cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow by the late, great Bruddah Iz:
    -Reid Larson

    1. Sorry. We had virtually no rain all of 2006 - 2011... a little in NZed, a few squalls in Fiji, and hardly another drop in Vanuatu, New Cal, and Oz