Friday, July 31, 2015


The South Pacific Convergence Zone, aka S-P-C-zed, is hanging low over us. It brings 90-100% overcast skies and light drizzle. This just didn't seem like the best conditions for visiting Suwarrow and there are no real hints that the convergence zone was going to move off somewhere else. It apparently likes to hang further N and E in El Nino conditions, moving it closer to the equator and where we are. So after sailing for two days in a line mostly pointing toward Suwarrow we changed course this afternoon to head to the island nation of Niue. Its about 750 miles away. We'll pass close by Palmerston Atoll, a part of the Cooks. We may decide to stop in there for a few days. This island is populated by three families, all descended from one Englishman (or maybe Scots) and his three Polynesian wives.
The winds are 15-20kts and the seas are small, making for some comfortable sailing.


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