Friday, April 10, 2015

Meeting Marvelous Mantas

After checking-in to French Polynesia on Hiva Oa, we sailed to the island directly south, Tahuata, and anchored in first bay, Baie Hanamoenoa. In the middle of the bay in about 40 feet of water there were 5 manta rays cruising back and forth feeding. These were not near as big as the ones we saw in the Galapagos, but they weren’t small either. That’s Chris with her GoPro.
taehatuP4030123 These guys are filter feeders, taking gallons of water through their large mouth and filtering out the tasty parts.
They didn’t seem to care much that we were swimming around in their breakfast.
Chris working the close up as the school of reef fish scatter and a  manta cruises by.
A view from the surface

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  1. Pretty awesome you guys!!

    m/v Hobo