Sunday, December 28, 2014

Kuna Transportation

The Kunas use dugout canoes that they call Ulu to row and sail all around Kuna Yala in pretty much any conditions. Integral to using an Ulu is knowing how to bail one – a constant job. They are built out of a single tropical hardwood tree,
Here’s some photos of Kuna’s sailing around on their normal daily activities. Many live out on the islands and go to the mainland to work the coconut and banana fields each day.
sailIMG_6445 This ulu is longer than most. The oar is for steering and paddling. Notice the waves breaking on the outer reef.
sailIMG_6450 Making time with a big sail
A full crew going neck and neck to the finish line
A performance sail – probably donated by a cruiser
Almost home after a long day. If you look closely (click to biggerate) you can see a few solar panels in the Kuna village.
And Georgia anchored behind a few ulus

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