Monday, September 22, 2014

Bonaire Philosophy

bonaireIMG_5903 From the temporary wall in front of a building site along the malecon (beach walk) in Kralendijk: Always be yourself, unless you can be a … Unicorn
Enough Bonaire land philosophy. Time for some gratuitous underwater shots and turtle watching. We dinghied up the island a ways to the Andrea I dive site. We like this area because it is good for snorkeling (as well as diving). This morning we caught sight of two turtles just trying to get some underwater rest.
bonaireDSCN1134 bonaireDSCN1135 Chris cruising with a meandering turtle.
“Don’t bug me, OK?”
Down periscope- after going to the surface for some fresh air.
This small spotted moray eel was sticking about 6 inches out of a hole on the reef floor, dancing back and forth like he was a piece of seaweed in the current.
I’m all eyes for you… a small porcupine/puffer fish.
Christmas tree worms on a bright yellow star coral…
We plan to leave Bonaire by early November, hoping to make the San Blas islands before Christmas time. Its nice to see that the folks on Bonaire are already decorating the reef for XMAS. At least it is non-commercial.
Georgia is sitting on a mooring on the protected West side of the island. The tradewinds blow from the East pretty much continuously all year. Now is the season when the trades finally slow down – under 15kts– and occasionally some other wind sneaks in.Yesterday morning at about 4am a rain squall came through and the winds blew out of the SW for 4 or 5 hours straight into the mooring field. This caused the boats in the mooring field to be incredibly rolly and blow toward the shore, which is very close. The small local fishing boat who are generally moored closer to the beach or on a dock near the shore, made a hasty exit and headed into the marina to get out of the surf. We stuck it out and by about 10am all was nice and it was time for a snorkel. The water temperature is in the high 80’s and the air is about 90*F.
We’re working on boat projects and just hanging out

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  1. Hard to believe it was just last year when we met at the SDR in Hampton. If it wasn't for Big Red, we'd be down there with you in the ABC's and San Blas Islands for Christmas. Lousy timing but at least we can read your blog and do all the things you recommend. Your underwater photos are great.