Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Torbin Turns the Corner

Torbin and Judy (off Tivoli) kicking butt in the Hobie races, AKA The Torbin Cup. Torbin needed a good place to celebrate his turning the corner into early, early,  middle-age. Saba Rock in Virgin Gorda was the choice. Family, friends and straggling cruisers from as far away as Denmark and California showed up to celebrate – and get some warm weather.
While Torbin did really well driving the race course, it was aided by the fact that he made the course up as he went. You can do that when its your birthday.
NSoundIMG_3975 Here’s Ed (Skylark) and me going fast and wondering what to do with the bow that is diving for the bottom.
NSoundIMG_4730 No birthday cake, but a great B-Day dinner at Saba Rock

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