Friday, February 8, 2013

How to setup a 3G Modem in the Bahamas

Just a quick blog to let other cruisers know what the settings are for a 3G modem, i.e. dongle, for Bahamas TelCo (BTC). First you need an unlocked 3g modem, then buy a SIMM card from your local BTC office ($15). Buy $30 worth of pre-paid cards. Stick the SIMM card in an unlocked cell phone. Dial *205#, then follow the prompts to purchase Data time. 30days up to 1GB is $30. Following the prompts actually has you texting back number replies. You will get a text message indicating you enabled the Data for the number of days you requested. Then stick the SIMM into your 3G modem and insert it into your computer. The connection application should open. The apps are a little different, but you should find an Options section with something like Profile Management, add a New Dial-up connection. Set the name to BTC, the APN to Static and Access number is *99# . The user name is btc and the password is left empty.
The good news is you can connect. The bad news is it is pretty darn slow.

EDIT: Since we’ve been here in the Exumas it looks like Bahamas Telco has done an upgrade. We now often connect at HSDPA or WCDMA rates instead of EDGE. Secondly, while the 30-day prepaid package is for 1GB of data, when you go over 1GB you get a text message indicating that your connection will be slowed down during the remainder of your 30-days. I can’t see any speed difference, so for us it will basically be 30-day unlimited.
We made it to Nassau after having a good 3 days of snorkeling and looking around the Berry Islands. Should be off to the Exumas in the morning.

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