Monday, August 20, 2012

Too Quiet for Blog Entries

The blog has been pretty quiet lately. The level of excitement and adventure just hasn’t been up to the level that merits blog entries.
But then came the exciting and oh so stressful trip that Chris and I took to Walmart. We snaked a parking place right up front. Parked right over the parking lane lines, just like everyone else. Smiled graciously at the Walmart Greeter. After that we kind of transferred into a daze and were lost for 2 hours. The really exciting part was the find of the day. A red toaster for $7.84. What a deal. I made my first Thomas Original English Muffins this morning. How in the world can you design, build and ship to Virginia a brand new toaster for less than 8 dollars? Probably don’t want to know…
In less exciting and less stressful news, here’s a pic of the hybrid water maker. I took the Village Marine vertical framed unit off Jeorgia and married it to standard CruiseRO membrane – the blue torpedo tube. This gives me the old water maker inners, but an industry standard membrane. When the membrane needs replacing I can buy one for $187, instead of the $550 for the non-standard size used in the VillageMarine (now Parker-Racor).
Chris is heading to San Diego later in the week to catch up with family and friends there. Then next week I’ll drop into San Diego for a few days and say high to Chris’ family. Then we’ll head to Seattle for a week.

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  1. Oh the fun of unloading and loading a new boat! Guess we'll have to watch out for the mew "Georgia" .....from Seattle.
    Hope to see you somewhere along the waves