Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proof-of-Attendance Coupons, Key West

These poses are required by anyone claiming to have been in Key West. We are getting laminated copies for our wallets. Plus, I plan to use this one for my next passport picture.
KWIMG_2542 Here’s our trusty crew, Bill, finally getting in touch with his feminine side. I think either a boob job or some head shrinking is in order to balance things out. But it is a good start.
We are in Key West with a big hole in the boat where the Green Grief Volvo engine used to be. A brand new Yanmar is supposed to arrive on a truck today from St. Petersburg. The local mechanic shop, Mark di Jong, has really been on top of things so far.
While waiting on a new engine, we rented a car and drove up the Florida Keys to Fort Lauderdale to catch up with family.
FLAIMG_0160 Here’s my Dad, as feisty as ever at 86, with my new niece Mia and proud dad Jon. I spent my time with Mia trying to teach a 1 year old to say ‘uncle’.
On the way back to Key West we drove out to the Everglades National Park. Got there just in time for the gator parade.
FLAIMG_0199  “I got my eye on you'”
You have to click on this picture to get a feel for how primeval thus guy is.
This is Cuff and Link trying to stay clear of the big gators.
Check the cloud reflection in the swamp

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