Friday, April 13, 2012

Finally, Successful Sloth Spotting

Is this gal cute, or what? If you ignore the flies on her head and the sloping forehead, you can bet her mother loves her. Who could resist those eyes and a Mona Lisa smile?

These guys hang on the simplest of branches. This one was just off the road in the late afternoon about 8 feet off the ground. We could have touched her, but have been warned that the flies that bite the sloths can carry some ugly human skin eating bacteria.
IMG_9457 She is a 3 toed sloth. You can see her manicure on the right side branch. She was fairly active when we visited her and was gone the next morning. That’s fairly active for a sloth – she moved head multiple times with slight arm wave thrown.
So, after months of searching, we can cross the 3 toed sloth off our wildlife sighting list. Now, on to the elusive anteater.
shelterbayIMG_9443 Near by, hanging in the dark of the jungle canopy was a toucan. Not as bright as the ones on the Fruit Loops boxes but cool none the less.
This is Gary, the Gecko. He hangs in our galley and handles mosquito control on Jeorgia after we go to bed.
These critters are all within walking distance of our slip.

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  1. Just goes to show, a determined sloth photo hunter will get his picture - slowly!

    John and Lisa