Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dock Visitor

This croc decided to cruise behind Jeorgia and look for small children and dogs on the dock the other day.
shelternayIMG_9294 Well, I don’t drink vodka. I went to the local hardware store yesterday to get some paint thinner. All I could see was gallon plastic jugs of it. I didn’t want that much. Then I noticed on the shelf below it were these bottles of what I assume is Russian Vodka. Each had a ‘T’ marked on the top of the cap to indicate it really wasn’t vodka, but paint thinner. Doesn’t seem like the safest way to recycle bottles and labels, even in a personal responsibility culture.
I have a detailed picture of the 6 inch second degree burn on my hip that I decided to censor from the blog – too ugly. Thanks to Silverdine and lots of clean wound care it is starting to look like I’ll heal back to my beautiful self. Chris is working and traveling around Malawai till the 21st.

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  1. Ok...I'll bite,

    Please tel us how the hell you burned yourself so badly? God, that sounds unpleasant. How much Silverdine you use? We have two of those little jars - they ain't cheap.