Friday, February 17, 2012

Peru Bound

We left the San Blas Islands and started a light air sail toward Isla Linton, where we planned to spend the night and then move around the corner to Panamarina to put Jeorgia on a mooring while we spent a few weeks in Peru doing land travel. On our way out we sailed past Chicme – more about this island later. It was an OK day sail up. We had a few hours of sailing, then a few hours with the spinnaker up, then a few hours of motoring and then a little sailing on the anchorage approach. After we got settled I checked the Digicel 3G connection - it was way fast as compared to the San Blas. So we slowly downloaded the 48 Hours Mystery Dark Side of Paradise. This is about a set of murders that took place last year in the San Blas among cruisers. Pretty well done. A little spooky as we had just passed Chicme in the morning, where the murders most likely took place and we were now anchored in Linton where a number of the onboard interviews in the show are done. Spoiler alert, they caught the bad guy.
48 Hours, Dark Side of Paradise
We got Jeorgia settled in the morning on a Panamarina dual mooring. The entrance was pretty narrow and there were enough reefs and swell to make for stay a focused entry. The guy that was supposed to help us navigate on the way in couldn’t get his dinghy engine started. We grabbed a cab for the 2 hour ride into Panama City. We had to stay at a hotel to catch our morning flight to Lima. That night we went to a grown up restaurant and had a nice meal. I convinced Chris that this was a date.
Next morning we were off to the airport. At the start of the twisting security line is a guy sitting on stool checking passports. He got to mine and found my original Panama entry stamp. This caused him some grief as it was past the 6 month limit. For awhile it looked like I would be in that line for a long time. Then I showed him the page of passport that had a Tripulante visa. This is a Panamanian mariners crew visa. Once he saw that he was a happy camper and we off to the take your shoes off and empty your pockets greetings to modern flight.
It was a decent flight into Lima. When we went through customs in Lima I pressed the magic button and the random green light showed up. This means no further inspections and we were off to our Lima boutique hotel. Pretty nice place. We got a room on the 3rd floor and I was way proud of myself that at sea-level plus 3 stories I didn’t get altitude sick.
We grabbed a cab and headed to the Museo Larco: “Features the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru and the famous erotic archaeological collection”. I went to see the pottery and pre-Columbian gold and silver. Chris wanted to see the famous collection.
Angry feline gold breast plate
This place had an unbelievable number of pre-Columbian pots. The picture above is not really part of the museum display. It is a small part of the racks and racks of pots stored in a side building.
Since this is a family blog I didn’t think it was too appropriate to display my new photo collection of Peruvian pre-Columbian erotic pottery. But I couldn’t resist showing the smile on this couple’s 2,000 year old faces. The museum was very educational. I learnt that the dead spend a lot of time masturbating underground, hence the good fertile valleys of Peru. It kind of gives me a something to look forward to in the afterlife.
This Peruvian Hairless is the shy museum mascot and guard. These dogs were getting close to endangered before an effort was made to breed them. They were hanging around in Inca culture with the Jefes and date back to Pre-Inca tribes. The hairless gene also ends up creating a dog with less teeth. They look like they’d be really cold up in the Andes, but their body temperature is 104*F.
Next stop, Cuzco and Macchu Pichu,

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  1. Hey there cruisers!
    Are the kids meeting you two for the Peru trip? (I can't remember if it was Meghan and Derrick both scheduled to come down...)
    Also, re: your Happy Couple photo... doesn't it look like the guy might be saying, "whewwwwwwww, I'm ready for a nap!"
    (Chris: have that Diamox ready for Mr. Altitude Sickness!)