Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She’s a Metro Gal

Chris on her way to work at ACNM in Washington, DC in front of the Union Station metro after riding her Capitol loaner biker from her local B&B at Sally & Catharine's.


  1. Paul and Chris: ...and the adventures roll on. Sorry to read about equipment problems. Hope you are able in your "free time" (Paul) to get the necessary parts and make repais. Seems like it might be problem is such things happen in the middle of the Pacific some day??? Did not know Chris is continuing to work. Sounds like her life is contining as an inter-hemispheric adventurer. Always good to know you are safe. We have good breeze going here and fair weather so going to hook up my small craft and head off to Lake Stevens for some time on the water. All good here. Enjoying music festivals and the outdoors a lot. Safe sailing, Larry

  2. Paul & Chris, Great to discover your blog and wonderful to follow the adventures of a sister ship. We would love to connect with you to hear what is working, and not, with the boat now that you have made your escape.

    Brent & Jill - J37 - SV Cayuse